About Us

Founded in 2017, Kyyba Innovations is committed to encouraging and driving entrepreneurship in new disruptive technologies. Kyyba Innovations has pioneered the way for startups and next gen entrepreneurs to innovate and accelerate their ideas to reality, while helping with investment and scaling of their business.

Kyyba Innovations makes equity investments in transformative technology and innovative business models with recognized experience and success. Kyyba Innovations offers investment throughout the company early life cycle – from the earliest creation through a path to profitability.

With its involvement in Michigan’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, Kyyba Innovations will primarily focus on:

  • Investing in startups with high growth potential (like Mobility, Fintech, Insurance, Health/Wellness, Technology, Digital Marketing etc.)
  • Strengthening the creative gene pool of Michigan’s entrepreneurs.
  • Providing the platform to innovate and disrupt
  • Organizing industry challenges, pitch clubs, competitions and roadshows
  • Educational resources and tools, including customized Business Boot Camp

Would you like to be a part of this journey? Contact us now at info@kyybainnovations.com