Challenge Forum

The objective of the Challenge Forum is to work with corporations and companies to create problem statements inhibiting growth, by providing a platform for innovative thinkers to contribute solutions that could easily drive progress and movement. The forum attracts attendees and participants from across the globe as Kyyba Innovations team travels on road shows identifying talent and the genius minds.

We have a team of industry leaders, academic institutions, government officials and innovative start-ups working together, creating a synergy for global diffusion. With an aim to promote open collaboration and innovation, Kyyba Innovations hosts various summits and challenges across all verticals.

With many industries relying heavily on financial transactions, The Detroit FinTech Challenge wants to make an economic impact in Michigan by creating new and innovative financial technologies in leading industries. Our goal is to create a community of entrepreneurs and developers working on real problems, and creating real modular solutions that can eventually be monetized. The Detroit FinTech Challenge will serve as a catalyst to drive a community in Detroit around FinTech, and engage all the stakeholders in this space.

Through our wellness programs, we encourage everyone for a holistic transformation. The Global Consciousness Summit happening later this year at Novi, Michigan aims to provide attendees with a real, hands-on "transformation" experience. The summit will empower its audience with insights on food and nutrition, organic food, self-care and living congruently, mindfulness, spirituality and conscious living transformation.

With this and many more initiatives in the future, we hope to inspire startups and innovative entrepreneurs to positively impact millions of lives around the world. Our goal is to create a community of entrepreneurs and developers working on REAL problems and creating REAL solutions.

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